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The Hillbilly Hemorrhoid: Souvenir City

Mexican and Native American souvenirs…


9 thoughts on “The Hillbilly Hemorrhoid: Souvenir City

    • Hahahahaha what a coincidence! In a previous comment, to Inchcock, I mention that at the Hillbilly Hemorrhoid we have a tendency to “pile” on when it comes to the Trump crime family and Trump-publicans.
      Larry’s dad, Royal, is a recent online Flat Earth University graduate. 👍👍

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  1. I need the Hillbilly toothpaste cause so much sourness in my gums… ok your souvenir shop too is on my to visit places on my bucket list you get what I mean… and finally well just for this very day I mean; I want to thank you for all the likes on my posts which meant you were catching up on this old – em young girl. I mean if Trump still flaunts himself around like that at 70 why should I call myself anything but a teenage even? Ok Buddy and team, countdown to the first 100 days of your grandpa in office all eyes and ears are waiting bingo

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    • LOL! Looks like the wheels are beginning to fly off the Trump Crazy Train! After today’s news, with any luck, Trump will not have to look forward to a 2nd hundred days! Yahoo!
      I hope your trip was a good one. 👍👍


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