29 thoughts on “The Trump Tower Caper (Pt 10): Inflation

    • For me, it all went out the window when the Republicans, during a primary debate, devoted the better part of a debate to hand size and its relationship to manly endowment. This is obviously an issue for them. the announcement today that Paul Ryan is blocking a bill, in the House of Representatives, that will financially benefit tax payer’s 401 K’s is despicable.

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      • I agree, besides the size thing which is and was hysterical…all of them are making me sick and it has only been a month……….sigh.
        Keep ’em coming Buffalo Tom at least I still can laugh. THANX. ~~dru~~
        ps, Ryan looks like my psychopathic “almost” nephew. creepy
        Of course looks don’t matter……only size. snigger.

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      • Hahaha! I’m like you, totally sick of it. Trump’s 70 word vocabulary is getting tedious and since he never tells the truth, he’s just stupid and full of crap and it’s Russian crap at that. I just hope we can get him and his mess out of there before he starts a war.

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    • Thanks, Jeff! As bad as Trump’s White House is, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are using Trump as a cover to shove through all of their radical right-wing corporate crap in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The good news is, Mitch McConnell was booed at a town hall meeting this week!
      Hey, on another note, you are picking real winners on your blog and Twitter! Kudos to you for putting the fun back in new music! You are a modern day Alan Freed! 👍👍

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      • Yes, Ryan & McConnell are Machiavellian hypocrites who’ve made a deal with the devil. I loathe them as much as I do Twitler.

        And thanks for your compliments! Glad you’re enjoying the artists. I really am a frustrated DJ -lol

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      • You get a lot of traction on Twitter! You could have your own radio program on Radionomy. With your great taste and artist contacts you could conduct live interviews and play music for a few hours a week while promoting and talking about it on Twitter and your blog! 👍👍

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    • Thank you! Is it just me or have you noticed that Trump’s supporters ALL say the same thing? “Stop criticizing him and let him do his job.” all Republicans have a problem with criticism and I think it’s because they don’t have any answers, like all authoritarians. (And I know I don’t have to mention the supreme hypocrisy of that statement coming from Republicans. LOL) to be a republican you have to have no sense of right and wrong and no thought for the consequences. “Because I said so!” 😠😂😤😂

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      • Oh, too true – it isn’t just you, and it isn’t your imagination! The supporters of the Drumpf are just as insanely repetitive as any racist, and use the same tired non-arguments as some strange justification. I pretty much write them off as being willfully, egregiously ignorant and stupid – there’s no way to have any sort of rational conversation with those types!
        🙄 😐 👿

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      • In 2001, the last of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombers were convicted on four counts of murder each for the deaths of these children; Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise McNair, killed in the 1963 Birmingham bombing. During the trial these killers could not be interviewed because all they could do was scream a constant stream of threats and obscenities. old and in wheelchairs they were still filled with hate and rage. I can only imagine how disgusting, horrible and sad their lives were. these three killers were hoping to use their murder trials to victimize everyone all over again. When I see what’s going on today I also see the hate-filled faces of these murderous monsters all over again and we all must be constantly Vigilant and ready to protect our friends and communities.

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  1. ROFL – “As seen at the disco!” That line cracked me up…

    “Have an official Tea Party in your pants!” – don’t forget to bring all of the cocaine, meth, and bath salts one can get their tiny hands on! Perfect for those mindless, unhinged, incoherent 3:00 a.m. tweet-storms!
    XD XD XD

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    • LOL!
      I must say that I am enjoying the backlash these Republicans are getting at their Town Halls! Yahoo! the Republicans that are trying to avoid having town halls or tricking their constituents are really pissing off voters! I don’t think it’s possible to hate on everyone and end up a winner! It’s just a matter of time.

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    • Iway otallytay agreeway rumptay isway efinitelyday away radegay away igspay assway olehay itway isway efinitelyday herapeutictay otay allcay imhay anway assholeway !
      Whenever Trump or any Republican speaks about doing things for “people” their comments make no sense until you insert the word “rich” in front of “people.” It’s getting harder and harder for Trump, Ryan and McConnell to keep up the populist front especially when Ryan and McConnell no longer take phone calls or correspondence from their constituents. It is a war, the rich versus the rest of us. Now that Trump is made it legal to turn our air, protected lands, rivers and streams into corporate toilets AGAIN where will all of those “Minimum Wage-Republican” NRA members (thatt put these fascists in office) go hunting and fishing… I don’t believe the Trump Republican strategy of hating on everyone and everything in their Rich versus the rest of us War can succeed. funny isn’t it how difficult it is for the mentally ill rich folks to hide their contempt for the rest of us… naked greed and avarice are indeed NAKED.
      Thank you for your terrific blog and company!


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