8 thoughts on “The Trump Tower Caper (Pt 6): There Oughta Be A Law

  1. One of your very finest! The old clinchers (yes there’s more than one) were: “You pay the bills, we bury the bodies”, “Get off my land!”, and “The 7 Blue Babies”
    The new Attorney General looks like a real piece of shit btw. How tall is that guy by the way? Is he standing in a hole???!!!

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    • LOL! In the stinking heap of smelly turds, known as the Trump cabinet, Jeff Sessions is a fragrant pantload of racism and hate. He is probably suffering from an advanced Napoleon complex and is often referred to as the “Runt from Montgomery.” I think he appeals to Donald Trump is that he believes in unfettered capitalism. Aside from the racism, bigotry and hatred the only other common denominator, and the Trump cabinet, is a dedication to unfettered capitalism. For Trump and his cronies air pollution and death are the sweet smell have a successful business. So far Trump has been acting as if being president is just one giant board meeting. We’ll end up in a constitutional crisis because the power in a democracy rests with the people not a CEO dictator.

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      • Hahaha! I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Ugly American?” The Republican party is the home of all of that.
        ie; During one of Mitt Romney’s campaign rallies, a few years back, he asked the audience (ONLY Republican Party faithfuls and paid supporters are allowed to attend these rallies.) “What do we do if someone without health insurance gets sick?” A loud voice from the crowd answered, “Let them die!” This was followed by cheering and a grinning Mitt Romney… Donald Trump explained to us yesterday that the definition of a real tragedy is when Nordstrom’s discontinues Ivanka’s jewelry line of merchandise.

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    • Thanks, Rob! I am definitely looking forward to these grifters in the White House and Congress, for that matter, being stopped in their tracks by the upcoming investigations and hearings. I almost don’t care how long it takes to get them out of there as long as their agenda is stopped well we enjoy the convictions and well deserved disgrace that is sure to come.

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