8 thoughts on “Democracy! Democracy! Democracy!

      • Hahahahaha! Schizophrenia is a part of narcissism. I think we should start a WordPress pool on how long it will take Donald Trump and his Republican Stooges to make drinking water unfit to drink and the air unfit to breathe. Because of global warming there is 8% more moisture in the atmosphere. We have had so much flooding, tornadoes and violent storms, killing eight people in the last few days. meteorologists and climate change experts predict even worse for 2017.
        check out this video.

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    • Thank you for reblogging! I had forgotten how exhausting these Dopey Republicans are. If we turn your back on them for 2 minutes they will rob us blind! I’m hoping we will win back the House and/or Senate in 2 years! 👍👍


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