Buffalo Tom Peabody, Gunther Tootie, Pet Peeves


Check out my song pick for der GropenFührer! It’s crazy!







Boycott the illegitimate inauguration on January 20th!


Watch Arnold Ziffel instead!
Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy & Arnold


14 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: Crazy

      • you live in a blue state with a good economy so you are lucky right there! in a red State like mine we cannot afford Donald Trump and all of the rest of the Republican nonsense. all of our community institutions, like Community Hospitals and poverty relief programs are totally dependent on the federal government. The list of federal government dependent programs in red States, starting with the Tennessee Valley Authority is mind-boggling. Republicans in Congress have announced that the expense of the social safety net will be shifted back to the States. my state of Alabama has been nearly bankrupted by Republican government and cannot afford this. Red State residents will not willingly return to rampant poverty to satisfy Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan’s tax cuts for the top 2% wealthiest Americans. It’s kind of ironic that the red States that put these turds in office will probably throw them out. it doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the average Red State voter. simply put, the federal government with its programs lifted most red States out of poverty and without those programs and massive Federal support will return to poverty. in my area, Federal cuts to the Tennessee Valley Authority and Redstone Arsenal have already Knocked us for a loop.
        Hang in there, Bradley! let me be among the very first to raise a Rebel Yell and whoop! Yahoo!

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