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21 thoughts on “POOPOLOGY 101

    • LOL! One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received; “Good things never come from bad people.” Palin is one of the bad ones. I just heard on the radio that Trump is dusting off the George W Bush economic policies… that nearly bankrupted the planet. So there you go.

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    • Thanks! I just heard on the radio that the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.6% thanks to President Obama. Remember when Mitt Romney promised to get unemployment down to 6%? After the George W Bush debacle? … and now Donald Trump… Here we go again.

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      • My pleasure.
        Donald Trump and his Mad Dog Crap Factory! LOL! I’m listening to one of those NPR Saturday weekend wrap-up news shows and now they’re concerned Maybe Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing… Now a warning? Before the election, I could have sworn , according to NPR that Trump was running unopposed. I guess NPR thinks they will get more financial support if they act like Fox News. 😨

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      • Wow…that’s sad! NPR used to be a respectable organization – I guess that all media wants to go the way of FauxNews and Breitbart to keep their audience! It’s the old “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality…which is something to always be resisted!

        On that note, I’m thinking that I will buy more Kellogg’s products in the future! If they pulled advertisements from that racist rag, then Kellogg’s deserves my undying support!

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      • Twitter went nuts over the Kellogg’s news. Twitter is fun but basically full of crap. First everyone was glad that Kellogg’s dumped Breitbart and then the Breitbart supporters started screaming hypocrisy because of lefties didn’t like Kellogg’s using GMOs. Pure black and white thinking on Twitter. And talk about trolls! LOL! 10 minutes of Twitter per day is my limit.👍👍

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      • LOL – I’m glad that I’m not on Twitter or Facebook…I deal with enough stupidity with comments on my blog or in my on-line game, but at least I can keep it in some semblance of moderation!

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      • Definitely! I think we should leave Facebook to the Republican trolls. The negativity and depression level on Facebook is almost suicide inducing. Facebook has successfully convinced stupid people that it is essential to their existence. The right wing conspiracy theories and dangerous stupid crap that emanates from Facebook and Twitter is dangerous.
        LOL! Facebook creates and sponsors “quizzes” that are designed to extract personal information from you that they then cross-reference with your real profile information. you are encouraged to share your quiz results with your friends on Facebook so they can do the same! Once Facebook collates your quiz results with your profile identity and location information they sell it to snooping agencies like choicepoint. When I was on Facebook I did like the page titled “Eric Cantor is a douchebag.” it was horrifying and hilarious all at the same time! they did a terrific job calling him out on his Republican douchebaggery! 👍👍

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