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The End Is Near… Get it? The E-N-D is near.

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The Scarlet Letter

“A” is for…


36 thoughts on “The Scarlet Letter

  1. ROFLMAO!!! I love the pencil sharpener! That is the only thing with the Drumpf’s face on it that I would have in my home…it would always be facing the wall where it would grace my desk, LOL!

    I wonder if there are urinal cakes with his lemon-sucking visage on them? That would be hilarious…talk about a toilet target! I don’t know if I’d want to use the T.P., though – that ugly mug near my va-jay-jay would give me the creeps!

    Those butt-plugs…oh wow…ROFLMAOPMP!!!

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  2. The whole lessor of two evils meme speaks to the one GOP strategy that truly works: repeat a lie often enough and people who lock themselves into the media sewer of Fox News and Brietbart will repeat it too. If Hillary Clinton is as ‘corrupt’ as the corrupt GOP says she is then she is a criminal mastermind with a soft spot for hungry children and disabled people. That makes her more qualified to be President than any of the men and women who fly the Confederate Flag of the republican Party.

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      • How can a woman who has allegedly spent decades of her life murdering and silencing people while covertly selling the U.S. Government to Islamic terrorists and the International Jewish Conspiracy possibly find the time and emotional capacity to care about the futures of our Children. If she’s that brilliant and strong we should just make her Queen.

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      • LOL on the conspiracies. Republicans/Conservatives are full of crap. The entire premise of their party is ridiculous. Their standard operating procedure is to drag decent people out into the weeds and beat them senseless with Relentless stupidity and nonsense. This is very appealing to other stupid and sick people. The conspiracy theories that you cited are a perfect example just how ridiculous and laughable Republicans are. my recommendation to everyone; whenever you are approached buy a Republican or conservative… Grunt and walk away because you can’t change them and all they want to do is drag you out into the weeds and beat you with their stupidity and conspiracy theories… willfully ignorant people are extremely dangerous.

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      • You know…I wish what you said wasn’t true. Two active parties that agree on the fundamental principles of our democracy is one way to stay balanced.

        We can’t have Presidents who don’t represent all of the people which means that we should never have a perfect ideologue as President.

        The problem with the modern GOP that it is now party of extremists who refuse to accept the rights of those with whom they disagree. But worse than that, the GOP also appears to be a coalition of sociopaths who have no problem with spreading malicious lies if it thinks lies will keep them in power.


      • Most definitely. When Ronald Reagan announced that “the problem is the government.” (and everything else included in that treasonous speech) he and the Republicans threw democracy out the window and officially changing the Republican Party into the anti-government party and laying the groundwork for all of the Heritage Foundation controlled conservative puppets that have followed. Vice presidential candidate Pence is the Heritage Foundation stooge for 2016. Pence will formulate policy and Trump wil stand in front of TV cameras outgassing like the puffed-up piece of crap he is.
        You are so right when you say we need two parties but I don’t think that has existed since Reagan. For the first time in American history, Republicans are hell-bent on using the Constitution to restrict our rights rather than expand them AND without the support of the American people. To do this they use voter suppression , gerrymandering and propaganda. it isn’t a conspiracy but corruption ushered in by Ronald Reagan… who was really clueless and “off balance.”

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      • This comment is fascinating, especially in light of the outcome of the election.

        It is obviously the result of election tampering of one of the grandest scales I’ve ever seen.

        The fact that so much of it took place in plain sight and with the collusion of our media, the FBI and Congress makes it absolutely terrifying.

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      • Electronic voting is probably unnecessary. Any vote can be tampered with but at least a paper ballot leaves a trail. Nothing from Republicans would surprise me. I noticed Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Stooges announced their sweeping plans to eliminate the social safety net today. They are obsessed with it. It’s like they can’t imagine why anyone would want to help another human being. It has to be sociopathy. it isn’t economics because many times helping people saves money so I believe it is a sociopathic obsession. I have spent decades serving on City Council commissions for the disabled in several communities. on more occasions than I can count Republican council committee members would refuse to incorporate considerations for the handicapped into public works projects even when Architects, designers, engineers and contractors demonstrated that doing so would result in substantial construction savings for the taxpayer. I believe that many Republicans are not mentally and emotionally fit to serve their communities or country.

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      • It’s horrifying.

        This outcome substantially different from the ‘close’ election of 2000 that gave Bush the Presidency.

        At least Bush had a set of public policies and a modicum of respect for the rule of law. There is only one reason to make a man like Trump President and we know what it is; the question is whether the American People are still willing to let the GOP gaslight them into acquiescence.

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      • Brilliant!
        My experience has been that Republicans and conservatives fail to provide representation for their constituents and have no interest in public service. Most of Donald Trump support came from the anti-government movement in the right wing and Trump announced yesterday he really didn’t mean any of the things he said during the campaign.
        Like all narcissists, Donald Trump, will lay low in his Rat Hole until he figures out just enough about this “Presidential thing” to exploit it to his selfish advantage. Unfortunately, for Trump, his Republican cronies won’t help him get something they themselves can’t have. Trump really doesn’t have much of a political position now that he has admitted his campaign was full of crap. I believe he will be feckless and fail quickly. Mike Pence will be the real problem because conservatives can’t seem to get enough of their religious nut jobs.
        Fortunately, I don’t know much, so the future is probably quite a bit rosier than I predict

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      • I think you’re on to something.

        It’s a mistake to view Trump as a politician.

        He is what happens when a malignant narcissist with a degree of
        charisma has enough power to surround himself with enablers and

        Trump’s narcissism is now on the line as a figure in history.

        Trump will forever have a place in American history and history is never kind to tyrants.

        More than anything else Trump NEEDS to be worshiped by his audience; only now the audience
        consists of people who openly despise him.

        Trump slid into office on a skid mark of voter suppression, disinformation, abuse of
        power, and dirty tricks.

        Trump ran the most sordid and dishonest political campaign in American History.

        And he managed to squeeze out an electoral win but not the popular vote.

        In his narcissistic reality show, it is the popular vote that matters.

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      • One never gets anything but a bad rep from a narcissist.

        The first thing they do when they dump you is run a smear campaign.

        How much you wanna bet Trump disparages his base behind closed doors…?

        The statement, ‘I will never desert you’ from a narcissist means ‘so long, suckers!’

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      • I’m so glad you said that. Trump refused to be vetted during the campaign process. (Even though his BS it’s a matter of public record for the most part.) The real Victory here is that Republicans have successfully caused many Americans To throw Common Sense out the window. we have always vetted political candidates because we know good comes from good people …usually. that’s why I think, in the past, the phony Republican Family Values crap propaganda was so important to them. well, that went out the window too with Trump. Now when Republicans pick our pockets, they can truthfully say, “We Never said we weren’t pick pockets.” I have got to believe, that in order to be a republican, you have to love being jerked around, lied to and treated like an idiot.
        my comments and mood today are based on something I read from one of my Republican, real life friends , on Facebook today, “For the first time in 8 years, as I head off to church this morning, I know that the next four years are in God’s hands! Hallelujah!” ( I think she is probably referring to Mike Pence… but just the same. 😨)

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  3. Here courtesy of Rob’s reblog. Very funny. You might find of interest a piece on PBS Newshour the other night which shows Trump’s hotel business is 30% down because of people seeing what he is really like and not wanting to patronize his business. Eric said that was not true, but the data is easy to come by.

    I like what his five biographers said in addition to don’t vote for this man. They said what you are seeing on the campaign is precisely what Trump is like. This is not an act that he can set aside if elected.

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      • Tom, what has not been reported on in the mainstream are his spotty business history and exploitation of others, through bullying, litigation and threatened litigation. He has had 4,000 lawsuits in his 45 year career, which is more than 1 1/2 per week. And, he has 75 pending lawsuits right now, three of which are class action lawsuits.

        What is also not reported is several economic firms, such as UK based Oxford Economic, have projected his economic plan to cause from malaise to recession, while the project Clinton’s to be neutral to positive. Not to mention the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget, among others, have projected his economic plan to increase the $19 trillion debt by $5.3 trillion. Clinton’s will increase it as well, but by only $200 billion, 1/27 of Trump’s.

        His plan for our future sounds great on a bumper sticker, but our problems are complex, and solutions need to have more than thought than that. For example, job loss in manufacturing is more due to technology improvements. Per Thomas Friedman, we produce 2x the manufacturing today than in 1984, but 1/3 fewer workers.

        Yet, all of what I said above, while true, would not be believed by his fan base. Keith

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      • Well said. Tomorrow’s election will be an IQ test for the United States. The eternal battle of Good vs Evil is relentless and requires constant vigilance. I hope that Trump loses in the nation’s largest landslide tomorrow. I also hope that liberal Democrats regain control of the House and Senate so that government can get busy working for all the people.

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