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Hi everybody!
It’s me, Buffalo Gal.
I’m filling in for Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy while they transfer files and argue about what should or should not be deleted…
My topic today is “Duper’s Delight” also known as “Why is Donald Trump such a big fat liar?”



One thing that a sociopath feels is ‘dupers delight’. A sociopath doesn’t feel too many emotions. He can feel lots of things, anger, narcisstic rage, jealousy, paranoia, if it’s a feeling. But they don’t actually feel real feelings like other people feel. Its kind of an empty space.


Because of this sociopaths struggle with boredom and ways to get excitement. One way that they can get a rush is by manipulation and deceit, and deliberately conning someone. This is called dupers delight. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can’t see through their lies.
When found out, they do not feel bad for hurting you and they do not feel remorse or shame. Instead they feel a rush of endorphins, which for a sociopath is described as dupers delight.
This can be addictive. An addiction to experiencing that rush of endorphins. And so, they repeat this behaviour again, and again.
This is one of the reasons why sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated. They cannot change, because they feel empty inside, they become addicted to this rush of adrenaline that they feel by conning someone. To them, it is your own fault for being so stupid, and so gullible, and if you take them back, they will only do the same thing over again, thinking you must be even more stupid than they thought you were originally.
They will make empty false promises, that they will change, that they have changed. But these are merely just words. A sociopath lives on words. Unfortunately, there is rarely any correlation between words and actions.

Well, there you have it! It’s my opinion… and I’m entitled to it.

Your best friend ,
Buffalo Gal Peabody



25 thoughts on “Duper’s Delight

  1. Excellent post, and very, very true! I’m amazed at how many people have been sucked into kissing the bum of a megalomaniacal, narcissist, sociopathic, racist, misogynist xenophobe. Then again, his thralls think exactly the same way that he does…and now, he has former FauxNews head Roger Ailes, and that conspiracy-theory-spewing jerkwad from Breitbart.com on his team.
    The Drumpf’s train-wreck is just picking up steam, it appears…

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    • I wish I had said that. You nailed it in paragraph! Another frightening thing… I’ll bet his sons “Uday and kusay” Trump are planning a future in politics… Yikes!
      Charlie Chaplin has a great speech in his film The Great Dictator about the greedy sociopaths that turn the world into a crap hole for everyone else. There is probably a YouTube video of the speech. I think I’ll check.

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      • You’re welcome. Your comment reminded me of it… So I thank you!
        Charlie Chaplin’s message of kindness was evident in all his films. I really like old movies. I like the “big” acting of Joan Crawford, Dorothy Dandridge, Mickey Rooney, Franchot Tone and all the rest. My favorite short film of all time is St.Louis Blues with Bessie Smith! The brilliant WC Handy was born and raised just across the river from me in Florence, Alabama. His birthplace home is a museum now. His composition the St Louis Blues is one of my favorites! the short film starring the Empress of the Blues Bessie Smith is the only time she appeared on film. I think it is still available on YouTube in two parts. the film is definitely a product of its time but Bessie Smith is eternal!

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    • Thanks! My eyes are rolling back in my head. LOL! Low vision makes it so I must study H Photo to make out exactly what it is. Very time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately Android is allowing more SD card access and the ability 2 store photo galleries on the SD card again. So next time… I should be able to move SD cards from devices… Making this whole process take only a few minutes providing the SD cards don’t crash.
      I was able to browse through the blogs that I follow tonight for the first time in almost a week!

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      • Storing photo galleries is definitely important – I do like what Android has been doing with the SD card access, as well!
        Good to see that you can visit blogs again…I’m looking forward to your next posts!

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