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Important announcement…


19 thoughts on “Tech-NO-logy

    • LOL! It’s okay… I wear them out. I’ve been meaning to tell you that Google fixed that old speech typing issue about a month ago… It only took them 18 months. LOL! one of the biggest problems I’m having now is waiting for Google and Chrome two sync all of my bookmarks and data to my new device. It took Google about a month to sync my account profile pics. I desperately need my bookmarks. LOL! I’m replacing my dead device with another one just like it… only new and not dead. that really lowers the learning curve for me. 👍👍
      I hope everything is going great for you!


  1. Good to know that you’re still around! Dead phones are no fun…you know you’re in trouble when the store tells you, “that version of Android is no longer supported…”
    One is forced to upgrade, whether you want to or not!

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    • That is the truth! You remind me of my “trainer” Android. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about Android, computers or the internet. But I knew I could figure it out… Eventually… if my first Android had a hard keyboard… and it did! It slid out of the side! I think I became one of the fastest blind thumb typers ever. It took me weeks to open a Gmail account(the robot test = YIKES!). I miss that hard keyboard because I can thumb type faster than I can talk. 👍👍

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