Happy 4th of July!








Be safe everybody!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Gal, Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy

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14 thoughts on “FIRE IN THE HOLE!

  1. I honor Independence day for the sacrifices our founders made to give us a chance to have a nation of “we the people” instead of we the peons.

    After witnessing a professional get a firework launched into his head, I don’t like to be sitting in a park so close to the “festivities.” My son was too young to understand that the momentary head-shaped illumination followed by explosion was not a good thing. That was a 4th of July fireworks display by someone who had done this for a living for many years.


  2. I love the footage that the news stations show every year, of dummies getting their hands and / or heads blown off…I always said, “Keep the dummies away from the fireworks – that stuff won’t happen, then!”

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    • Hahahahaha! My favorite is when the guy lights the fuse and then turns to run and runs into a wall or fence.
      We have an annual celebration here and the fireworks are fired from a barge in the middle of the Tennessee River… A few years ago the barge caught fire and exploded! The pyrotechnicians swam safely to shore. 🏊👍👍

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