We love the Summer Holler-Days!








Have a terrific Memorial Day!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Gal, Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy & The Flintstones

Buffalo Gal Peabody, Buffalo Tom Peabody, Comment-Taters, Fashion, Gunther Tootie, Holler-Days, Vicar Buffalo Tom Peabody

Fashion Senseless: Memorial Day Edition

Summer Holler-Days!


12 thoughts on “Fashion Senseless: Memorial Day Edition

    • LOL! Hello Kitty is so popular in our area , I’m surprised we haven’t had muggings already! 👍😨 I can imagine that Alaskan Girl Scouts or Alaskan Boy Scouts would be a great great great adventure!… Not to mention better than our local annual rattlesnake roundup where a bunch of rednecks get together in the Town Square with rattlesnakes in cages and spit their Skoal into a cup or Coke can. 😨

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